Blood Establishment Process Automation Solution

Connecting ANY device to ANY BECS

BEPAS allows you to connect ANY device with ANY BECS and provides opportunities to maximize current technology investments and be vendor independent.

BEPAS allows for complete and accurate paperless documentation, SOP compliance and full audit trail capability.

Improving Efficiency

BEPAS ensures complete and accurate donor records and BECS systems that are truly paperless.

Reducing the time your staff spend on administrative tasks and allowing them to spend more time in donor care

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Maximizing Investments

BEPAS allows customers to utilize existing devices and IT infrastructure

Providing centers with the ability to increase ROI on existing devices

Allowing centers to acquire “best-of-class” devices and IT systems without concern for interconnectivity issues

Ensuring Accuracy

BEPAS eliminates transcription errors that plague the manual process

Reducing time, effort and costs required to correct missing or incorrect data

Increasing donor safety by means of more accurate records

Potentially reducing audits and associated costs

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Enabling Connectivity

BEPAS connects data-enabled devices to your BECS systems creating a cohesive, single system

Eliminating your need to buy new devices to connect to your existing BECS

Reducing the need for training and certification by your IT professionals

Delivering Simplicity

BEPAS is designated as a MDDS, eliminating arduous FDA requirements

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